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Warning: the royal "we" is used quite frequently for those with a romantically weak stomach.

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Our year in France:   As my journal progresses, I will be adding links below, so as to ease your reading experience. This journal leads you through our first few months in France, mostly highlighting the more memorable moments. One reason being, I tend to neglect my duties and do not post entries as often as I should or at regular intervals. However, if you have any questions or commentary, feel free to send an email my way.



A new


Life in the city
   To check out some random pictures of the city, click here. For random movies, click here.

    first soiree

    Our first day at
    the beach

    Our first
    boardgame night

    Our tour of

    art show

    Life as
    we know it

    Cafe avec

    Dinner with
    Astrid and Ed

    A day trip
    with friends

    au lait

    • Bonne annee, 01/01/09

        So, I realized that I haven't updated the site in about two months! Sorry about that. I've picked up French and Sculpting, so that does take away some of my time. Maybe I'll make it a New Year's Resolution to be better at updating my websites. :) I will keep this short because we do have some more pictures to put up, but I guess I will be back tracking then. So, check out some of the links above for new, but old information and pictures. Wishing everyone a good year! xxx

    Last updated on 03/01! That's right; living in Europe means we have to use their method of date and time!

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